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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu "According to the original release schedule, the final release of Ubuntu 11.04 "Natty Narhwal" on 28th April was to be preceded by a Release Candidate on 21st April. [However, said] Release Candidate has been scrapped and in its place, the Release Team has added a second beta on 14th April. The changes has been necessitated by the fact that 21st April is just before Easter and, so, many developers and testers would be unavailable during the time."
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RE[3]: Canonical is slipping...
by raid996 on Wed 16th Feb 2011 09:27 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Canonical is slipping..."
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I am beginning to think that linus die hard fans are alway unhappy any distro. People complain abou everything:
if it's easy... it's made for those who want it easy
if it's hard... it's made for pros
if it's backwards compatible... it's not enough modern or slick or feature-bloated cuz they don't implement new stuff
if it's not backwards compatible... it's a mess or unstable cuz they implemented new stuff
if it has options... it's got too many options
if it doesn't have options... it doesn't have options

you get the point right?
and then there are those who claim personal statistics as world facts "why do i know ppl that leave ubuntu?" and I know many people who can't even use the mouse properly (namely half of my church) that use ubuntu since 6.06 (with some of my help) and are still using Linux without having a phd...
and that is ubuntu's merit...

yes... even if it's not perfect... it HAS merits

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