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Windows So, Mobile World Congress is going on over in the beautiful city of Barcelona, and there, Steve Ballmer held a little speech about Windows Phone 7's past, present, and future. Especially the future interests us, as a lot's been planned for this year: copy/paste, hardware-accelerated mobile Internet Explorer 9, and, yes, multitasking!
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RE[4]: Translation
by Surtur on Wed 16th Feb 2011 10:32 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Translation"
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"I tired of MS constantly failing and simply refusing to die. Granted, WP7 is interesting but WM and Kin and Zune should really have killed the beast. If this were any other company such a string of fail would have slayed them for sure...

Um, why do you care? Just don't buy the Microsoft products. I don't get this "rooting for company X to die" nonsense.

If it would be that easy. Just because you don't buy it does not mean you are not influences by it in a negative way as "drahca" describes it further.

Network externalities 101. Nevertheless that does not mean I agree with the parent on the "just die" part but the reasons therefore are quite obvious. IE6 anyone?

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