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General Development Enlightenment version 16 was one of most configurable window managers back in late nineties (and still is). For the next version however Rasterman and friends decided to create a complete desktop shell instead of just a simple window manager. Enlighenment version 17 is therefore based on a set of graphical libraries which can used for other applications as well. But do we need another set of libraries when QT and GTK+ are already mature and stable? Depending on your needs, you might find that using the Enlightenment libraries is truly an enlightening experience!
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Was nearly there last time I looked
by jabjoe on Wed 16th Feb 2011 11:27 UTC
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Enlightenment is a great bit of programming in these days of gluttonous bloat. It's very fast and very pretty. The problem I had with it was the stability. They sort that and I'll switch to it full time on the craptop, maybe even on the desktop. Much better looking that LXDE. (It could also do with a better file manager.) It does make you realise just how fat things have become, it's obscene how slow some things are on computers from even only a few years ago. Seams like you need to keep getting a faster computer just to stay still as things get fatter. Enlightenment goes against this trend, and that makes it a breath of fresh air.

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