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Games You'd almost forget it, but a few weeks ago, the Playstation 3 was hacked wide open - like a pristine cave deep in the world of Minecraft. This has let out all sorts of nasties, and now Sony is trying to clean up the mess. For once, I'm in full agreement with their position.
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What about people needing replacements
by oiaohm on Thu 17th Feb 2011 00:02 UTC
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apoclypse PS3 are using in some forms of data processing because there CPU is particularly good at particular operations.

When sony removed the other OS functionality this left a limited supply. So to restore the limited supply issue PS3 was hacked. Now of course sony could have gone the path of a fuseable link or equal that basically says this console has be opened up for running non PS3 software so is no longer valid to connect to PSN.

Most of the ones wanting PS3 for processing usage simply don't give a rats about PSN or Games. This is the problem. Pirates and cheaters are a side effect of the ones wanting access to the PS3 cell processor core. Sony is making the same mistake as always.

It had to be the pirates. Simple fact is the pirates don't have the tech. Just like real world pirates. Real world pirates did not make there own guns or weapons they stole them from Legal users.

Best way to avoid console being breached. Provide a way for it to be run with gaming disabled forever.

This is also useful at end of life of the console it can be recycled into something else other than a game machine.

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