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Games You'd almost forget it, but a few weeks ago, the Playstation 3 was hacked wide open - like a pristine cave deep in the world of Minecraft. This has let out all sorts of nasties, and now Sony is trying to clean up the mess. For once, I'm in full agreement with their position.
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Comment by mutantsushi
by mutantsushi on Thu 17th Feb 2011 03:09 UTC
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OK, bar the cheaters and pirates too while they`re at it, fine.
What if you just bypassed their lock-down for legal, legit things, aren`t doing the above? That is pefectly legal in most locales AFAIK, so Sony is actually stepping quite beyond their press release. But no worries, it`s just cheaters and pirates and child porn-types... (next up: did you read WikiLeaks?)

BTW, I`m with Thom on Sony`s own actions removing OtherOS. OtherOS was an advertised feature of the product, ALONG with access to PSN. Saying `you`re free to not install updates (not quite, Sony rather likes pushing updates) and just not use PSN means giving up one advertised feature for another. Sony made and makes quite a deal of PSN being free vs. XBox Live, so this is certainly part of the PS3 experience.

If they come up with a technical means to bar cheating hacks, I`m all for it. But don`t give us this BS excuse, blurring the lines between things that aren`t the same. In any case, it just means people will work around Sony`s verification methods in order to keep using their cracked PS3`s on PSN.

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