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RE: I like WP7
by Lennie on Thu 17th Feb 2011 11:12 UTC in reply to "I like WP7"
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What I don't understand is: why should I create code for just one platform ?

When I can use something like phonegap which runs on pretty much any mobile and I can use JS/CSS/HTML to build my app. I can upload it to all the appstores. And reuse a lot of that code on the server (nodejs) and on my website.

Why get stuck in just one environment ?

Let's say I make a small casual game.

I have a website where people can play it online which is ad supported, it has a few buttons for each mobile-device-environment where people can purchase a touchscreen-optimised version for their smartphone/other internet device (like ipad).

All I need to do is make use of the HTML5-cache-manifest and session- and localstorage and get approved by the appstore maintainer ones (1!) and updates are automatically downloaded from the same site where the game is running.

Facebook made the same decision for their app.

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