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Games You'd almost forget it, but a few weeks ago, the Playstation 3 was hacked wide open - like a pristine cave deep in the world of Minecraft. This has let out all sorts of nasties, and now Sony is trying to clean up the mess. For once, I'm in full agreement with their position.
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RE[2]: Cheating at video games?
by erak on Thu 17th Feb 2011 11:38 UTC in reply to "RE: Cheating at video games?"
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You present good arguments. But one thing I don't agree on is

It's the same reason many people buy expensive clothes or why people buy into any product offering exclusivity. I've seen Apple advertisements appeal to this desire. Why do people buy $30,000 Gucci purses? Exclusivity.

A purse for $30,000 is of course OTT. But in general I don't see it just as exclusivity. You forget about the arts and craftsmanship. Buying certain clothes and accessories can be equaled to buying a painting. And I guess you see it as more OK to buy expensive paintings?

I can also pay extra for a brand that stands for craftsmanship or with a history of good craftsmanship, like Rolex.

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