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OS/2 and eComStation IBM has hammered the final nails into OS/2's coffin. It said that all sales of OS/2 will end on the 23rd of December this year, and support for the pre-emptive multitasking operating system will end on the 31st December 2006.
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"Re: So ... it's now offical..."
by Anonymous on Fri 15th Jul 2005 01:28 UTC
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I've put many little details in this post. Hope you enjoy them.

""Moral issues aside, why would you want to use OS/2 except as an oddity?""

Isn't that enough reason? :-)


I can actually think of three reasons why it might still have some appeal from a hobbyist perspective:

(1) Using OS/2 *will* a learning experience for someone who has only used Windows, Linux/BSD, or BeOS.

I know quite a bit about OS/2. I'd like those parts of my brain back...along with most of the details covering DOS memory managers.

If you want to learn about operating systems, strip both Windows (NT+) and one of the OSS unixes (*BSD, Linux, and now open Solaris) down to the bare bones and poke around in all the corners you can.

What additional you can learn from OS/2 is minimal and will take just as much effort as either unix or Windows. (Yes, learning Windows is a real PITA -- it's only easy for the things Microsoft wants you to easily.)

The platform represents an approach to the "Desktop OS" problem that really isn't *nix-like or Windows-like at all in most respects, and it has both a strong GUI plus a fairly strong command line and scripting environment with Rexx (and remember, both 4DOS and 4OS2 are legal freeware now so it has two very good shells aside from the bash and zsh ports).

I knew the developer of 4DOS and 4OS2 at the time I was using OS/2 myself. Great programs, though they are superceeded by so many shells and shell extentions these days.

His comment on OS/2? 'Supporting OS/2 was a big waste of time and I would not have done it if I had known.' He only had a handful of registrations and a boat load of complaints and whiners. On the other hand, selling parts of 4DOS to other tool makers plus some of the 4DOS shareware payments gave him enough money to take a n almost year-long world-wide sailing trip. You know what? He's the kind of guy who deserves that kind of trip.

While I did my duity and bought OS/2 software, did not raz developers or other material supporters of OS/2, StarDock's Brad Wardell's closing comments were correct and not flattering for many OS/2 fans even if the number of negitive people were low.

(2) OS/2 is the best DOS juggler in the world. :-) As an environment for running older DOS software multiple DOS versions concurrently, OS/2 is without parallel. Linux with DOSEMU/DOSBox might come close in some ways, but it's really not the same.

Yes, it was impressive at the time (8 years ago).

Today? It's not impressive at all. Any emulator or a VM environment like VMWare or Xen trounce OS/2 DOS support easily.

((Did I mention that I know quite a bit about DOS memory and memory managers?))

(3) If one is lucky and can find a good older software source, there are still enough older programs and such available (between native OS/2 retail/shareware stuff and older 16-bit Windows stuff) to actually turn OS/2 into an incredibly useful platform. I still do almost everything under OS/2 at home except gaming and MIDI stuff. Remember: it's all about the applications. :-)

That's one major problem with OS/2; source code. Little of it, and OS/2 isn't POSIX-compliant enough to make porting easy. At the point that you add X, why not run some full and modern version of unix?

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