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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "There's just one problem, though: the 'nine young investors' don't really exist - according to the last tweet on the @NokiaPlanB Twitter account, it was all a hoax perpetuated by 'one very bored engineer who really likes his iPhone'. Ouch."
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RE[2]: I like WP7
by JohnJJ on Thu 17th Feb 2011 15:23 UTC in reply to "RE: I like WP7"
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I do not think anyone is arguing that the .Net platform is not a good platform.

No, but plenty of people are arguing that WP7 is a bad choice, but I'm not sure that Nokia had other viable alternatives.

Symbian is apparently not a very attractive platform and it has failed to deliver a proper user experience.

MeeGo is still not ready for prime time and it is uncertain when it will be ready. Betting on it could be dangerous.

iOS is of course not an option.

Choosing Android would give them a popular platform, but they would be just as much at the mercy of Google as all the other Android vendors currently are. Also maybe they feel, as many people suggest, that it would make them just another Android company.

WP7 is new, but has already established itself as a good platform and with the announces that MS just made, which Nokia have surely known about, it looks to be competitive with iOs and Android, feature wise, before the end of the year.
So I find that Nokias choice makes perfect sense.

I do however agree that they could have handled the annoucement better. It looks like Symbian is still going to be the basis for the lower end phones, so scaring off developers is probably not a good idea.

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