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Syllable, AtheOS Syllable now has its first separate REBOL binding (screenshot on Syllable Desktop). The project created a binding with the popular cURL library, which is included in Syllable as its networking library. Documentation and downloads for Syllable, Linux and Windows are available here. The binding will be demonstrated at the upcoming REBOL & Boron conference.
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I would say that the activity has been flaky for the last few years. In the sense that before that, our development speed and release rhythm were extremely stable, but in the past few years the project has been going through many changes, both planned and unforeseen. We're still recovering from the unforeseen changes, and the planned changes mean that we've been starting up new subprojects that have been largely under the hood until recently.

Thanks for the kind words. We're planning to stabilise our development this year and bring a number of our new developments to the forefront.

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