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Windows Well, well, well. We all know Apple's App Store policies are incompatible with the GPL, and as such, software using this license can't be distributed in the App Store. So, what about Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 Marketplace? Well, whereas the App Store doesn't specifically mention the GPL (Apple's terms are simply incompatible), Microsoft drops the pretence and simply bans GPL and GPL-esque licenses outright.
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RE[6]: Microsoft isn't to blame
by FrankenFuss on Sat 19th Feb 2011 00:54 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Microsoft isn't to blame"
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So app developer goes to the apps tore website, fills out the form that includes "url to source code" and uploads the app binary.

Not a hard issue to solve and one that really isn't going to but onous on Microsoft.

You are probably making it sound more simple than it actually is to execute. But the greater point is this...why should Microsoft change its store just to accomodate the GPL? Microsoft has it practices and procedures in place...if an app meets the criterion, it's accepted. If not? It's not! Microsoft and Apple did the right thing by banning those apps because they don't want or need the headache.

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