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Windows Well, well, well. We all know Apple's App Store policies are incompatible with the GPL, and as such, software using this license can't be distributed in the App Store. So, what about Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 Marketplace? Well, whereas the App Store doesn't specifically mention the GPL (Apple's terms are simply incompatible), Microsoft drops the pretence and simply bans GPL and GPL-esque licenses outright.
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RE[8]: Come down!
by hamster on Sat 19th Feb 2011 17:49 UTC in reply to "RE[7]: Come down!"
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If a license allows that: Microsoft can use a program under that license, can have the source code, improve it and have all of its advantages but later allows Microsoft to forbid that people have access to the source code, improve it and have all of its advantages.
... yes, that license has a chance :-(

It's not for me or you to deside what MS wants to allow on their market place. I for one don't see it a a must that a program are licensed under the gpl. If a closed source program solution does a better job at handling the task i would take that any day of the week.

I'm not an elite programmer. Just starting out with my first project but in that case i do awoid gpl licensed stuff. Simply because i don't agree with the philosophy behind the licens. So i don't wanna release any work under the licens and support it in that way.

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