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Windows Well, well, well. We all know Apple's App Store policies are incompatible with the GPL, and as such, software using this license can't be distributed in the App Store. So, what about Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 Marketplace? Well, whereas the App Store doesn't specifically mention the GPL (Apple's terms are simply incompatible), Microsoft drops the pretence and simply bans GPL and GPL-esque licenses outright.
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RE[10]: Come down!
by hamster on Sat 19th Feb 2011 20:40 UTC in reply to "RE[9]: Come down!"
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There are many GIMP users who use Windows, because it doesn't crash as often as PhotoShop did (does? not touched it in around 6 years...) or use up as much RAM (I know that's still true).
I'm saying that even if they don't care about the license, they might still want to use a program that's licensed under those terms.

Looking at a later post of yours, you don't even know how to form a coherent paragraph, let alone _argument_, and it's obvious you can't read and understand... words.

I wish this site had an equivalent of /ignore...

Yeah an ignore would be nice... Would be one way of handling people that cant handle people that don't agree with them. The only thing worse then them are people that cant handle people that don't agree with them and then start to use personal attacks.

Who cares about gimp on a mobile phone..? I talk about the marketplace... You know the stuff you run into if you were to use a WP7 phone.

If they don't care about the licens why would they care if the program they use are licensed under those terms?

Let's see your intelligent arguments... I'm sure you have some.

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