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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless The man, the legend: a main developer of the BeOS. Did the App Server, Interface Kit, Application Kit. These days, Benoit Schillings does something else entirely: he's currently the chief technology officer at Myriad, where he and his team is working on Alien Dalvik. Now that I know he's the one leading this team, I know for sure we've got something special here.
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RE[5]: Comment by Radio
by Nelson on Sun 20th Feb 2011 16:54 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Comment by Radio"
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"They maintain the Android look and feel, and throwing users who are accustomed to one experience, into another one, for the sake of application compatibility to me, is a waste.

Oh My God, this is so disturbing! The big rounded boxes does not have the same color! Everybody is so lost!

Seriously, who gives a damn? You already can't see the difference between a maemo and an android app (just look at the deezer app).

The way an end user expects to interact with an app is the way it's been interacting with the system as a whole. If an experience is different (not just visually, you cant sit here and tell me that Android and Maemo/MeeGo/whatever will all share consistent behavior with Android's look and feel) then the customer will be legitimately thrown off. This is UX 101. It's the whole point behind standard controls.

But you know what, you can be dismissive and you can oversimplify it if you want. However you, and engineers who think like you, are the reasons why the platform will never be a viable third way and will always remain a science project. It's like its amateur hour.

You people put principals above experience, to the point of absurdity, and you're producing a genuine, free software, open, .... piece of shit.

There is nothing wrong with code sharing or code reuse across platforms. That's fine, but the front end UI should be platform specific.

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