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Google "Over the last few months we have been hard at work getting Native Client ready to support the new Pepper plug-in interface. Native Client is an open source technology that allows you to build web applications that seamlessly and safely execute native compiled code inside the browser. Today, we've reached an important milestone in our efforts to make Native Client modules as portable and secure as JavaScript, by making available a first release of the revamped Native Client .[...]In the coming months we will be adding APIs for 3D graphics, local file storage, WebSockets, peer-to-peer networking, and more. We'll also be working on Dynamic Shared Objects (DSOs), a feature that will eventually allow us to provide Application Binary Interface (ABI) stability."
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Nacl May address 1 problem.
by oiaohm on Mon 21st Feb 2011 01:17 UTC
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Nacl may address the OS dependance issues for a lot of applciations. This has to worry MS. If developers move to Nacl instead of win32 MS is in trouble.

Active X and Nacl are very much related ideas. Nacl is very much Active X done right. Biggest issue with Active X was that from an active X control you could reach out and doing anything to the system.

One of the big things overlooked when people say about internet connection issue. Is that Nacl is going to be like a lot of the new HTML5 able to use Offline storage when network connection is broken.

Really Linux Distribution makers situp and please take notice. Does not matter if you like it or not. Universal binaries that are OS neutral with all the speed of running on the raw cpu are coming. Nacl tech also includes auto updating in it design. Yes outside the users control a lot.

Also the need to wake up and see the project to allow android application on everything. Yes the second wave of android tech.

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