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OSNews, Generic OSes Now that you have an idea of where your OS project is heading as a whole, it's time to go into specifics. The first component of your OS which you'll have to design, if you're building it from the ground up, is its kernel, so this article aims at being a quick guide to kernel design, describing the major areas which you'll have to think about and guiding you to places where you can find more information on the subject.
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RE: Hybrid windows
by Neolander on Mon 21st Feb 2011 08:07 UTC in reply to "Hybrid windows"
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Windows is more hybrid in recent years since the introduction of User-mode Driver Framework:
IIRC, Aero graphics drivers run in usermode.

Indeed. That thing crashes so often on my machine that if it was in kernel mode, I'd spend more time rebooting than doing something useful when I'm on Windows, like in the Win9x days...

Don't know which part exactly of Windows' graphics stack is in user mode, though. I find it hard to believe that they could just fully move graphics driver in user space. That would break driver compatibility, which is definitely not Microsoft's thing.

Another VM-based OS that's had some coverage on OSNews is Phantom OS:
Their goal is full persistence of all processes, data etc across shutdowns. Last blog post was October 2010 so perhaps it's not dead yet.

Added, along with some links.

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