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Microsoft Microsoft's Kinect is awesome. Not because of the stupid minigames you can play with it on your Xbox360, but because of all the cool stuff hackers have been able to do with it. As entirely predicted, Microsoft has announced today that it will launch an official Kinect SDK for Windows. The device was already purposefully easy to hack, but official support is always a boon.
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RE: Windows only
by matto1990 on Tue 22nd Feb 2011 00:12 UTC in reply to "Windows only"
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True it would be lovely if they did that but why would they need to. Windows is good enough for them. Once it is released someone can adapt the current open libraries to have the same interface as the official Windows only one, essentially making it laughably easy to switch between the two.

To be honest I'm happy Microsoft is doing this at all. Brilliant move on there part and make me like them that bit more, even though I use nothing Microsoft based really.

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