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Windows Ever since the successful development and launch of Windows 7, Microsoft has become ever tighter-lipped about Windows development. Sure, it dropped the bomb about releasing Windows 8 for ARM, but that's it. Nothing on features or timetables (other than 'three years after Windows 7'). Well, the usually well-connected (inside Microsoft, that is) Mary-Jo Foley now claims to have a legit development roadmap - and it seems everything is on track for a Windows 8 beta in September 2011.
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The Microsoft Tax?
by shotsman on Wed 23rd Feb 2011 12:46 UTC
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There are a number of ifs to all be true I can't help wondering if will MS try to insist that all ARM powered Desktops/netbooks/laptops be sold only with Windows 8?

Will the mainstream PC makers (Dell, Lenovo etc) just decide to 'say no'?

I really hope so.

Will MS try to dictate the HW configs like they did with Netbooks?
I do hope that someone will have the balls to standup to them and tell them to go take a hike. Sadly, IMHO these comanies are just like sheep being driven by the MS Sheepdog right into the pen, into the truck and off for slaughter.

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