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Windows Ever since the successful development and launch of Windows 7, Microsoft has become ever tighter-lipped about Windows development. Sure, it dropped the bomb about releasing Windows 8 for ARM, but that's it. Nothing on features or timetables (other than 'three years after Windows 7'). Well, the usually well-connected (inside Microsoft, that is) Mary-Jo Foley now claims to have a legit development roadmap - and it seems everything is on track for a Windows 8 beta in September 2011.
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Given the reported numbers sold alone; we're well beyond gadget geeks and and fanbois. I just don't think one can rationally claim that the billions of units out there are only the property of an skilled, elite or brand loyal few.

(I give you the serious answer since our other thread participant has no history known by me and hasn't offered anything but his own emotional reasons for discounting anything not within his pre-defined view.)

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