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Qt A first alpha version of a Qt implementation for the Android mobile operating system has been announced by Romanian software developer Bogdan Vatra. Since Nokia in co-operation with Microsoft have announced that it does not intend to develop a Windows Phone variant of the GUI framework, Qt for Android represents the only remaining route/platfrom to providing mobile phone apps developed using Qt.
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This is precisely what developers should avoid. Do not shortchange an experience to make a quick buck.

Seriously, use a programming pattern and separate your UI from your backend logic. Write a native UI frontend for every host platform and you will reap the benefits of superior integration.

Qt is good, hell it's nice, but it's not native. On mobile, the feeling of nativity is even more pronounced because the interaction methods are relatively more limited.

Someone who's used Android for a while is going to very harshly feel the differences in a Qt application. Most of these native controls have very specific animation timings, gesture responsiveness, and so on, which means that anything even slightly off is indeed noticeable.

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