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Qt A first alpha version of a Qt implementation for the Android mobile operating system has been announced by Romanian software developer Bogdan Vatra. Since Nokia in co-operation with Microsoft have announced that it does not intend to develop a Windows Phone variant of the GUI framework, Qt for Android represents the only remaining route/platfrom to providing mobile phone apps developed using Qt.
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RE: Meanwhile ... Nokia, Qt and WP7
by Nelson on Wed 23rd Feb 2011 23:06 UTC in reply to "Meanwhile ... Nokia, Qt and WP7"
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It's happening to a small slice of devices (Samsung devices, and some Samsung devices at that, specifically those who run an older version of the firmware included in the Samsung phones.).

The problem is very small, however a vocal minority can make an issue seem bigger than it is.

Android doesn't have this problem, but I suppose it's easy not to have upgrade problems when Google let's carriers block updates indefinitely. Lol.

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