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Windows Ah, something Microsoft really couldn't use right now: problems with the very first update to its Windows Phone 7 operating system. In this very competitive marketplace, in which WP7 is a late newcomer, it can't use major problems like this. The thing is though - how big of a problem is this, really? And, is it even Microsoft's fault at all?
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by unoengborg on Thu 24th Feb 2011 01:05 UTC in reply to "LOL"
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I feel bad for Samsung customers. If you have one of their WP7 phones, there's a chance that an update will brick your phone. If you have one of their Android phones, well... they probably won't even bother with any updates.

Actually, Samsung has been quite good at updating Android phones lately. E.g Android 2.2.1 is just out for Samsung Galaxy S. Unfortunately you need windows to do the upgrade. I would say that OTA upgrades would be preffered but, they should of course not brick your phone or damage your data.

Hard to tell who is to blaim in this case. Ultimately I would say Microsoft, as they should have done more testing before rolling out the upgrade. One of the big advantages of WP7 phones is that Microsoft handles the upgrades. If Microsoft doesn't test properly before upgrades some of that advantage goes away.

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