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Windows Ah, something Microsoft really couldn't use right now: problems with the very first update to its Windows Phone 7 operating system. In this very competitive marketplace, in which WP7 is a late newcomer, it can't use major problems like this. The thing is though - how big of a problem is this, really? And, is it even Microsoft's fault at all?
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by Moredhas on Thu 24th Feb 2011 01:44 UTC in reply to "RE: LOL"
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After the mass disappointment, Samsung seem to have gotten the message that releasing an entirely "new" handset, only different in that it has a MINOR software update applied, is not acceptable. See Samsung F480 and F480i. VERY little difference between these two, yet it somehow justified a new handset release.

I was extremely disappointed that my Galaxy i7500 never saw a 1.6 update, but Samsung were releasing practically identical phones (i5700, same but with a worse camera, basically) with 1.6 on them. These days, they seem to be pretty diligently updating their phones, I imagine they got a lot of bad press. Not the kind that gets splashed across the headlines, but the type that gets bandied about in phone shops. At least, that was my sales pitch for choosing Nokia over Samsung. At the time, you couldn't expect any manufacturer support after the sale, not even from Samsung's Customer Service or Tech Support lines, they just fob you off onto your carrier. I imagine I wasn't the only salesman saying this, 18 months ago.

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