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Intel Apple has just updated its line of MacBook Pros. Usually, this isn't anything to get particularly excited about, but this time around, they've got a genuine treat: Thunderbolt. Apple is the first to use this new connection technology, developed at Intel and believed to be the copper version of Lightpeak. It's pretty impressive.
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RE[5]: Trademark Infringement?
by Praxis on Thu 24th Feb 2011 21:47 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Trademark Infringement?"
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I'm curious : has there ever been a lawsuit between Apple (computer company and part of Big Content which recently made a big deal of releasing the Beatles' albums on iTunes) and Apple (record company who e.g. worked on the Abbey Road album of the Beatles) ?

Thats a big yes, Apple computer has been the target of trademark suits from Apple corps since way back in 1978. And they didn't really bury the hacket until 2007. So there is a long history here.

The HTC Thunderbolt phone and the Intel Thunderbolt connector might be different enough to coexist. I don't think confusion is very likely at least, but good lawyer might be able to argue equally well that it would. I would think HTC would have the upper hand in any case. The phone was called Thunderbolt long before light peak was called Thunderbolt and being first counts a lot in trademark cases its Intel that would have to worry.
Acutally looking at the trademark application Verizon own the Thunderbolt trademark, so they would be the ones fighting Intel, not HTC

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