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OSNews, Generic OSes Oh. My. God. When I read this, and browsed the website, my face went like this. Do you remember the Amiga? That fun little computer that was miles ahead of its competition, but in recent years has been dragged through the mud by one shady figure after the next? Here's a new one: Amiga, Inc., the one 'run' by Bill McEwen, has partnered with a company called IContain to slap the Amiga logo on a bunch of low-end, incredibly sad products. Whether this is another shady deal I don't know, but worthy of the Amiga? I don't think so. I'm not putting this in the Amiga category, by the way. I refuse to. Forget it. It's going into our generic category. Fitting. Update: As was pointed out over at, not only are these nothing more than brandless OEM products with Photoshopped logos, the website itself is just a standard, unmodified WordPress theme. Oi. Doesn't instil a lot of confidence, now, does it?
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Comment by Dr.Mabuse
by Dr.Mabuse on Fri 25th Feb 2011 05:06 UTC
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Wow, so another hopeless attempt to capitalise on the Amiga name. Is the "Amiga" jinxed or what?

I have such fond memories of the Amiga. I learnt programming on it, from BASIC to 68k assembler. Did a fair bit of hardware "banging" myself (AsmOne/Trash'em One was my home.) The demo scene, BBS's, games, OS ... it was all Awesome.

One of the comments above drew reference to the smoothness of Amiga graphics.

I had a little giggle about this very topic the other day when I was watching GT5 load a circuit on my PS3.

On the load screen, there is scrolling text (listing the competitor names) which was stuttering very badly, resembling the scrolling abilities of a ZX Spectrum. It looked hopelessly amateurish. Eight cell processors guys! Eight! I know the programmer's priorities lie elsewhere, but still...

Anyway, back to the topic on hand. I wish they'd just give up. The fondness I have for the Amiga lives on via emulators and magazine scans.

As far as an Amiga branded Android pad is concerned, I suspect most enthusiasts of the original could care less - unless it were something really spectacular. What are the chances of that? Terrific business plan guys. "Good luck" milking it for all it's worth...

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