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OSNews, Generic OSes Oh. My. God. When I read this, and browsed the website, my face went like this. Do you remember the Amiga? That fun little computer that was miles ahead of its competition, but in recent years has been dragged through the mud by one shady figure after the next? Here's a new one: Amiga, Inc., the one 'run' by Bill McEwen, has partnered with a company called IContain to slap the Amiga logo on a bunch of low-end, incredibly sad products. Whether this is another shady deal I don't know, but worthy of the Amiga? I don't think so. I'm not putting this in the Amiga category, by the way. I refuse to. Forget it. It's going into our generic category. Fitting. Update: As was pointed out over at, not only are these nothing more than brandless OEM products with Photoshopped logos, the website itself is just a standard, unmodified WordPress theme. Oi. Doesn't instil a lot of confidence, now, does it?
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Who cares for the name?
by -ujb- on Fri 25th Feb 2011 11:05 UTC
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While still using a system following the idea of Commodore Amiga OS I am always happy that I left that name behind me years ago. I applaude the MorphOS team for their decision to make a clear cut in regard of names and logos.
In the beginning (ten years ago) I may have been a bit fond of the name, but today I think it is a relieve and I actually like the butterfly logo way more than the boing ball.
All in all I always wonder how many ppl are interested in the Amig name. For me it is the name of a computer that once was great, but disappeared when Escom went under. Literally it is a tardeark for failure. It was introduced 26 years ago, but was only the very first years successful (say till 92), most years it failed. I wouldn't chose a name with such a bad reputation.

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