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Gnome "Gnome Shell 2.91.90 was released yesterday getting some fine adjustments according to the release announcement: 'This release just about concludes user interface changes anticipated before GNOME 3.0. The only significant change we expect after this release is to add a native network indicator based on NetworkManager 0.9.' Gnome Shell 2.91.90 brings new automatic workspaces, removed minimize and maximize buttons from window titlebars, a PolicyKit authentication agent and more."
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RE[3]: Very nice, but......
by muszek on Fri 25th Feb 2011 13:49 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Very nice, but......"
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Usage scenarios with 2 windows of the same app, off the top of my head:
* I'm using a web browser and want to open another window in anonymous mode (I do quite often to log in as another user on websites I create - this way I don't kill the original session).
* chat windows in IM programs (Pidgin) are separate from the main window (the one with a buddy list).
* open some app as root (a text editor would be a common example)
* GIMP's interface is multi-windowed.

I'm using Docky on the left on "older" Gnome (2.32), placed on the left (the same as on the video in TFA). There's a option (AFAIR not a default) to have an indicator next to dock icons that tells that there are multiple windows open. Right click brings a contextual menu that lets me choose a window to be focused. It's not very handy (I'd like a left click on an icon to toggle focused windows).

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