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Google Google has released a new set of tools for the WebP Image format. The release includes a completely rewritten encoder with improved image quality. Also available is a Windows Imaging Component providing WebP import to any application that supports WIC such as Microsoft Office 2010. There is a side-by-side comparison between the new encoder, the old encoder and JPEG here.
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by baryluk on Sun 27th Feb 2011 14:27 UTC
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Hmm, looks new webp is pretty good improvement over previous (old) one. It is also sharper and smaller than jpeg. But it looks new version also introduced slightly more block artifacts, but they are still much more smaller than in jpeg.

Any way, i still think webp idea is bad idea. It should be compared first with improved jpeg (bigger DCT blocks, state-of-the-art encoders/decoders for jpeg, which makes really big difference, and include deblocking loop in decoder to remove this artifacts). I also think webp should be compared with wavelet based formats, most importantly PGF, which is fast, supports also alpha channel, progressive download, multiple color spaces and color depths and is free and open. I think if we want new image format it should be PGF, not webp. And will not be for just introducing webp becuase it is better than jpeg. It is better, but we can get MUCH more better, and if we want to go throught the pain of implementing this in all webbrowser, and tools, please wait, think deaply, and introduce just one format, not one, and next year, next one, and next year, next one, because somene forgot to support some obvious futures.

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