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Mac OS X Earlier this week, Apple released the first developer preview of Mac OS X 10.7 Lion. At the same time, Apple listed a number of new features we hadn't yet heard about, which are quite interesting. There are two themes: bringing iOS to Mac OS X, and adding features other operating systems have had for ages - except in such a way that you can actually use them. Update: Fixed that scrolling thing. It's the other way around of course.
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RE[3]: Now, THIS is impressive
by malxau on Sun 27th Feb 2011 22:08 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Now, THIS is impressive"
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Depends on what SSD manufacturers call a "write". If touching a block (even slightly) is a write, then a 100MB update could not be so far away from a 100kB word document, depending on block size.

In principle this is true, although it's nowhere near this extreme. NTFS needs to write to six places to create a new file - assuming a 256Kb block size, that's 1.5Mb. Note (for fair comparison) that a 100Mb (to download) update will expand into a much larger 300-400Mb set of writes to multiple files. Assuming the average file size being replaced is 2Mb, we'd have (400Mb / 2Mb) * (2Mb + 1.25Mb), or 650Mb of block writes. So the single 100Mb (to download) update is still 433 word saves.

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