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Mac OS X Earlier this week, Apple released the first developer preview of Mac OS X 10.7 Lion. At the same time, Apple listed a number of new features we hadn't yet heard about, which are quite interesting. There are two themes: bringing iOS to Mac OS X, and adding features other operating systems have had for ages - except in such a way that you can actually use them. Update: Fixed that scrolling thing. It's the other way around of course.
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by TheGZeus on Sun 27th Feb 2011 23:31 UTC in reply to "UNIX"
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I'm not criticising _you_ (I hate how everything has to be explicitly stated because people infer whatever they want on the Internet), but if UNIX tools are your primary interest, what's the main draw over setting up a BSD?
Specialty third party applications?

I've been on Linux/BSD for a few years now, and I don't think I've installed anything from outside the archives in 2 years. (Well, some old video games, but that's just data files in my home directory, using engines from the archives...)

Again, I just get curious when someone who's seriously into *nix tools and programming uses OS X as their primary OS. It's really common in the Common Lisp world, but that's largely a historical oddity (there were/are a number of very good commercial/free implementations for Mac OS/OS X).

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