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Mac OS X Earlier this week, Apple released the first developer preview of Mac OS X 10.7 Lion. At the same time, Apple listed a number of new features we hadn't yet heard about, which are quite interesting. There are two themes: bringing iOS to Mac OS X, and adding features other operating systems have had for ages - except in such a way that you can actually use them. Update: Fixed that scrolling thing. It's the other way around of course.
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RE: Are Mac users so disposable?
by _txf_ on Mon 28th Feb 2011 13:02 UTC in reply to "Are Mac users so disposable?"
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Ok, that "kill me now with this scrolling" guy exaggerates a *lot*

Erm...exaggeration as an exclamation for comedic intent? Learn Internet Sarcasm eh? Nobody in their right mind makes a *serious* point in caps anymore...

Now you are saying they won't support 3 years old machines

I for one like the fact that they are dumping 32bit systems to the curb. Anybody with a little foresight could see the outcome for the first core Macs would be this eventually.
What I do find sad is how there are some macs have cpus that are 64bit capable but not supported by efi.

It's like the iPhone again, I bought that piece of sh** thinking I could use it for years, now one year later most apps run like crap, including Apple's ones

The price you pay for buying from Apple. I have a MBP but it doesn't bother me that much as MBPs predate the Apples notion of disposable appliances...

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