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Mac OS X It's sad to see that even after all these years, we still have to write articles like this one. It's all over the web right now: a new backdoor Mac OS X trojan discovered! Code execution! Indicative of rise in Mac malware! Until, of course, you actually take a look at what's going on, and see that not only is it not in the wild, it can't really do anything because it's a beta.
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RE[4]: Comment by larwilliams
by HappyGod on Tue 1st Mar 2011 04:09 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Comment by larwilliams"
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"Nobody really cares to write malware for OSX because less than 10% of people actually use it.

And that "less that 10%" accounts for how many million users?

Point, meet moot...

That doesn't render his point invalid at all. If you're a virus writer and you can target hundreds of millions (maybe billions?) of users with Windows, or tens of millions with Mac, which will you choose?

Of course, you're going to choose Windows. If you stop and think about why malware writers actually write destructive software it makes perfect sense.

They are typically young and intelligent. However they are also insecure social outcasts, desperately seeking attention and validation.

That's what drives them. They want their software to make the news with maximum destruction/chaos. They get that with Windows, not Mac.

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