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Windows InfoWorld's Woody Leonhard takes a look at the past 20 years of innovative Windows malware -- an evolution that provides insights into the kinds of attacks to come. From macro viruses, to interstitial infections, to spray attacks, to industrial espionage, "there's been a clear succession, with the means, methods, and goals changing definitively over time," Leonhard writes, outlining the rise of Windows malware as a succession of ingenious breakthroughs to nefarious ends.
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RE[3]: Uh, yay?
by arsa on Tue 1st Mar 2011 10:13 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Uh, yay?"
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The majority of people don't know anything, or give a damn, about computer security. That's only getting worse over time, as even more idiots who don't even know what a text file is are getting computers these days.

Although I did gave a positive vote on your comment, I must object to one bad thing in it.
More and more new people are being introduced to computers and it's natural they they don't know anything about it. But that doesn't justify calling them "idiots". If you'd became a freshly certified pilot of an Airbus A380, how would you feel if your senior colleagues would call you "idiot" during the flight?
As for those who are dumb or ignorant about their own security, I'd still rather call them "unaware" or "not knowing" instead of "idiots". Beware of easy attaching bad names to other people, especially those you are not familiar with.
Otherwise, I agree with your comment.

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