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Mac OS X Earlier this week, Apple released the first developer preview of Mac OS X 10.7 Lion. At the same time, Apple listed a number of new features we hadn't yet heard about, which are quite interesting. There are two themes: bringing iOS to Mac OS X, and adding features other operating systems have had for ages - except in such a way that you can actually use them. Update: Fixed that scrolling thing. It's the other way around of course.
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RE: Laughing
by MysterMask on Tue 1st Mar 2011 22:40 UTC in reply to "Laughing"
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Hysterically at the "full screen" part -- hey Apple, nothing like twenty years late to the party?

You obviously don't get 'full screen'. Hint: It's not the same as maximize.

Of course that -- as noted by another poster, it's completely broken/annoyingly useless on multi-monitor systems.

We're talking about a beta.

Funny how the OS who used to do multiple displays best has been lagging behind Win on that front since 1998.

Hardly. From personal experience I can assure you that concerning usability, WinXP didn't even get close to MacOs (I don't know about Win7, but knowing MS' idea of "usability", they're probably still stuck with message boxes overlapping monitor borders ..)

AIM circa 1997"

You need AIM for something trivial as moving files in a local network? *irks*
(but of course you can do that on a Mac, too, if you have to)

just show me a file tree

Apart from MacOS having file tree view since around System 6: this is an inefficient view for daily work most of the time. Power users I know abandoned Explorer long ago and went for something like Total Commander or use a good assortment of links (because most of the time people visit the same few places in the filesystem anyway, so why bother scrolling and searching in a tree).
Personally, I always get nervous when I have to watch people inefficiently scrolling and clicking in the FS tree to move from one place to another even though they use the same few spots in the FS all day long, not getting the idea that opening a second window would be far faster and easier than moving to-and-fro. But alas ..

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