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Mac OS X It's sad to see that even after all these years, we still have to write articles like this one. It's all over the web right now: a new backdoor Mac OS X trojan discovered! Code execution! Indicative of rise in Mac malware! Until, of course, you actually take a look at what's going on, and see that not only is it not in the wild, it can't really do anything because it's a beta.
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by larwilliams on Wed 2nd Mar 2011 04:17 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by larwilliams"
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Funny, I thought the article cleary was a put-down of the sensationalists, which I thought was pretty reasonable considering the lack of real danger (yet again). (Note that the headline now is:"Supposed Mac OS X Trojan Another Piece of Linkbait", not sure if it was different earlier.)

Not saying it won't ever happen, but looking at the number of comments from Windows fanboys on sites like DailyTech - where the author actually was defending calling this thing a 'virus' - you know, because even if you have to install it yourself, the virus term is so broad now (uh, I'm thinking virus / trojan / worm, but apparently that's now too 'technical'), clearly there are people who really desperately want OSX to get a real virus, and it just hasn't happened. Maybe they can get on the 12/21/12 doomsday thing instead?

I guess you have forgot that there are at least half a dozen very real trojans infecting OSX installations since 2008?

OSX/Jahlav aka "MacAccess" is a prime example of one. It's a typical "missing codec" trojan that used itself to download and install more crap.

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