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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu "The conflict between Banshee and Canonical over what should be done with Banshee's Amazon Store revenue stream, while it was finally resolved, was not Ubuntu's most shining moment. At the matter's conclusion, Banshee developers were not happy with the results. This is not how open-source communities should work together and no one knows that better than Mark Shuttleworth, Canonical, Ubuntu's parent company, who wrote, "We made some mistakes in our handling of the discussion around revenue share with the Banshee team.""
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RE[2]: Hypocrisy
by vodoomoth on Wed 2nd Mar 2011 16:05 UTC in reply to "RE: Hypocrisy"
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First of all, I don't care about Ubuntu. I don't use it. I've recently opted for PC-BSD. There is a thing called open source software that I benefit from without being a blindfolded proponent of it.

Second, I don't hate Ubuntu. Calling me a Ubuntu hater because I'm pointing out what appears as double language for an unjustifiable behavior is childish.

Last, there's no need to quote my entire post without editing it or selecting the relevant bits of it.

Now if you could provide a justification it would be more welcome than your post. Or point out the reasoning flaws in mine. That would have been useful.

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