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Java Later this year, Oracle will begin requiring people interested in gaining Java and Solaris certifications to attend "hands-on" training courses, at an additional cost of thousands of dollars. The new rule goes into effect Aug. 1 and regards Java Architect, Java Developer, Solaris System Administrator and Solaris Security Administrator certification paths, according to a notice on Oracle's website.
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by Zaitch on Thu 3rd Mar 2011 09:57 UTC
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Like most exams, you can train to pass the exam, but I got both SCSA and SCNA a year or two ago, and learnt a lot of new tricks (even though I'd been doing Solaris for 10 years)

I can see both sides of args for certifications, but personally, if your cv/resume is side by side against another and you have certification and the other doesn't, I think that differentiator for you makes them valuable. YMMV.

I also think they are a good way of focusing the mind on learning a new skill with a distinct end point or deadline to meet (the exam!) and the sense of achievement as a result

Regarding the announcement, I think this is a really odd and disappointing move by oracle, and seems counter intuitive. How are they going to get the people in the emerging economies building their infrastructure on solaris by raising the price barrier? What about motivated individuals who like to formalise their skills, or who self-teach for the challenge, who suddenly are required to sit in a class for a week?

Perhaps it raises the "price" of solaris specialists in the near to medium term (good for me?) but this price and the reduced availability of specialists will drive system implementors to other platforms with cheaper labour/licensing/system costs. Oracle is very good at monetizing their IP, perhaps they have a plan for this.

I've been meaning to do SCJP for some time, just for the hell of it, but it seems unlikely now, as I'd struggle before Aug 1st. I think I'd be more inclined to go after one of the linux-certifications or something else next for my "collection"

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