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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu "The conflict between Banshee and Canonical over what should be done with Banshee's Amazon Store revenue stream, while it was finally resolved, was not Ubuntu's most shining moment. At the matter's conclusion, Banshee developers were not happy with the results. This is not how open-source communities should work together and no one knows that better than Mark Shuttleworth, Canonical, Ubuntu's parent company, who wrote, "We made some mistakes in our handling of the discussion around revenue share with the Banshee team.""
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Er... I agree with Canonical
by FreeGamer on Thu 3rd Mar 2011 11:22 UTC
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I'm sorry, Free Software advocates, but those of you lambasting Canonical are hypocrites.

Free Software, you share it because you believe in open source. You believe in sharing. You believe in bettering humanity.

"Hey these guys are changing our referral codes and taking our money!"

I'm sorry, there's nothing wrong with that. You produce open source. They distribute open source. They have a right to modify the applications they distribute, including redirecting referral revenue to themselves. There's nothing wrong with that. You don't like it? Don't go the Free Software route.

All this churlish 'hands off our cash' crap is self righteous cronyism. They want to promote the Gnome Foundation (which they themselves endorse) but deny Canonical their rights as Free Software contributors by casting scorn, pouring judgement and souring the perception of a company that has spent millions promoting Free Software. It's despicable.

Canonical has no obligation to bend to the will of the Banshee developers. None whatsoever. It consults them out of courtesy only. There is no ethical or moral imperative for Canonical to abide by the wishes of the Banshee developers outside of adhering to the license and maintaining the Banshee brand (i.e. not re-branding the software and taking credit for their work).

If you don't want your referral codes changing, close the source. Make the plugin closed source. Protect it. Otherwise STFU and abide by the principles of the license which you distribute your software under.

I am a Free Software advocate and I approve this message.

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