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Java Later this year, Oracle will begin requiring people interested in gaining Java and Solaris certifications to attend "hands-on" training courses, at an additional cost of thousands of dollars. The new rule goes into effect Aug. 1 and regards Java Architect, Java Developer, Solaris System Administrator and Solaris Security Administrator certification paths, according to a notice on Oracle's website.
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RE: Oracle no more
by Zaitch on Thu 3rd Mar 2011 13:59 UTC in reply to "Oracle no more"
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I wouldn't disagree with you at all -I have heard the same said about the technology.

I worked for Sun for 10+ years finishing in 2009 doing systems engineering and OS deployment. I joined an embryonic small company. You'd think I'd be a textbook example of someone bringing the awesome power of Solaris into a new environment.

Instead, with all the problems/concerns around licensing and future availability I personally made the decision to move to debian/ubuntu for all our servers, postgres for the DBs, and to a lesser extent avoiding java for software. This was definitely a case where the technology took a back seat in the decision making.

It really pains me that I had to do this but the uncertainty and this kind of ad hoc policy change and encroaching charges could kill a small company if they were trapped.

Not to mention free is a good price in a small company.

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