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Hardware, Embedded Systems IDC's newest survey of server vendors shows boxes running every kind of operating system -- except Unix -- sold more during the last three months of 2010. Sales of Linux servers rose 29 percent; Windows rose 16.8 percent, but most surprisingly, sales of mainframes shot up 69 percent " the highest growth rate IDC ever found on mainframes.
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Yes Linux was written from scratch, so is Solaris or AIX or HP-UX or even *BSD. All of them are Unix!

Linux is not Unix. Period.
It's not based on Unix code, it's not Unix certified. It's not Unix.
AIX, HP-UX and BSD all share a common heritage which Linux does not.
In fact, Linux wasn't even intended to be a Unix clone. Originally it was a Minix clone (which also is not Unix).

So anyone who tells you that Linux is any way related to Unix (beyond architecture similarities) is simply WRONG.

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