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Hardware, Embedded Systems IDC's newest survey of server vendors shows boxes running every kind of operating system -- except Unix -- sold more during the last three months of 2010. Sales of Linux servers rose 29 percent; Windows rose 16.8 percent, but most surprisingly, sales of mainframes shot up 69 percent â€" the highest growth rate IDC ever found on mainframes.
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In fact, Linux wasn't even intended to be a Unix clone. Originally it was a Minix clone (which also is not Unix).

Linux was not intended to be a clone of Minix. Minix is a microkernel design, Linux is not, it is a monolithic kernel. They are fundamentally different designs.
The design principles Tanenbaum applied to MINIX greatly influenced the design decisions Linus Torvalds applied in the creation of the Linux kernel. Torvalds used and appreciated MINIX, but his design deviated from the MINIX architecture in significant ways, most notably by employing a monolithic kernel instead of a microkernel. This was famously disapproved of by Tanenbaum in the Tanenbaum–Torvalds debate.

This more detailed picture purports to show the Evolution of Unix and Unix-like systems:

Minux and Linux are shown on the left, neither of them inherit any code from any lines of Unix development, nor from each other.

Minux and Linux are Unix-like systems, but they are NOT Unix.

Minix is Minix.

Linux is Linux.

Neither is Unix, or derived from Unix.

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