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Hardware, Embedded Systems IDC's newest survey of server vendors shows boxes running every kind of operating system -- except Unix -- sold more during the last three months of 2010. Sales of Linux servers rose 29 percent; Windows rose 16.8 percent, but most surprisingly, sales of mainframes shot up 69 percent " the highest growth rate IDC ever found on mainframes.
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"On top of that, a mainframe is not that fast, cpu wise. Any highend x86 cpu is at least twice as fast. In fact, a better number would be 5x faster. So you need 5 Mainframe cpus to match one high end x86 cpu. This is true, and I can provide links and articles that proves this fact.

MAinframe cpus are good at RAS. That reliability costs a fortune. They are very reliable and tailor made for reliability. But they are not fast.

x86 are very fast, but very unstable and buggy. Every once in a while, intel and AMD has to withdraw x86 cpus because of bugs. Mainframe cpus are not buggy, but they are slow.

Total BS. IBM's z196 is a 5.2 Ghz, 4 core processor. The last time I looked it was the world's fastest processor.
How do you know it is the world's fastest cpu? Because IBM said so?
And you trust IBM? Is it so?

Or do you have any evidence it is the world's fastest cpu? Benchmarks? There are no benchmarks, because IBM won't publish benchmarks. Why? Because it is very slow in reality. You want to see some links and other proof that show how slow the z196 "the worlds fastest cpu" actually is? Then you can show me links that show it is the worlds fastest cpu (there are none)? Deal?

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