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OSNews, Generic OSes It's not the return of the OSNews comic, but it was too good to let pass. Our coverage of the Apple event was minimal this week, so I decided to round the key points up in an illustration...
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I find that I can do all of what you want and more through web-apps (*yes* john gruber's shit-sandwich solution) I presume naïvely that here in the world of HW haxors that wrapping a solution that is 3 or less clicks away (@ google+Automator+Saghoian). Otherwise the iPad is no more a stand alone device than any other other pad or sub-notebook. The issue here unfortunately that we have yet to arrive at that 'city in the sky' where all of your functions are handled by one device - less so one that shares it's screen with a touchpad AND is web enabled - for free (not the $$$ cost but the time cost) and if the solution is to roll a web app that does what you said AND the interface (not just the headers) is free than fish or cut bait.

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