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Qt Since the web has a tendency to overstate things: no, Nokia is not selling Qt. Today, Nokia announced that Digia will acquire the Qt Commercial software licensing and professional services business from Nokia. So I repeat: Nokia is not selling Qt.
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by sorpigal on Mon 7th Mar 2011 17:24 UTC
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The agreement Trolltech and now Nokia have with KDE is that if the "free" edition of Qt stops being released, or if a significant release of Qt occurs without a corresponding free edition release, KDE and everyone else is granted the rights to immediately fork Qt under very permissive terms.

Since Nokia is not "selling" Qt, thus not transferring the copyrights, does this agreement have any effect? Since Digia can license proprietary versions of Qt, what's to stop them from (effectively) forking Qt and adding non-Free enhancements, then licensing those as well? I don't know, maybe there's something, but it looks to me like they could do it.

For your reference here's the agreement in full.

Pages 3-5 are the meat of it.

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