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Legal Ever visited the website of famed iOS and Playstation 3 hacker Geohot? Or watched his video on YouTube? Or read his Blogspot blog? Well, you're now part of a criminal investigation. A US judge has given Sony complete and unrestricted access to all IP addresses which ever visited his website and blog, or watched his YouTube video.
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Oh dear.....
by jamiepedder on Mon 7th Mar 2011 18:12 UTC
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I really disagree with the way Sony is handling this. ALL the console and mobile makers out there should give access to homebrew development and a way of accessing that kind of material so we have more options than overpriced (or even underpriced) tat.

I realise that certain people will have unlocked their PS3's for nefarious or piracy purposes, but for the few seconds I contemplated it, nothing could have been further from my mind.

Never been one of Sonys biggest fans - never had anything other than an MD Walkman which I had for two weeks before it was stolen, the PS3 which I have now was given to me as a present, and the one purchase I have made I'm having doubts about (a new VPC21 3D Vaio laptop).

Actually I seem to have forgotten why I was commenting in the first place....hmmm. Oh well. Too bad Sony aren't a little more open with the PS3 as they could probably have avoided this in the first place - and also advertising a product as having a particular feature then hiding behind their EULA when taking that feature away (just because they can) is obviously not going to instill a huge amount of consumer confidence is it.

I hope GeoHot does well, and is able to walk away from this without being stepped all over by Sony.

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