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Gnome I have to admit I've been struggling with this one for a while, most importantly because I haven't used GNOME 3 yet; I'm setting up my own little company right now, so time's a little short. As such, all I can do here is cover the arguments given - which, in my book, have both their strong as well as their weak points. Yes, GNOME 3 will not have buttons for minimising or maximising windows.
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RE: Because we can
by lucas_maximus on Mon 7th Mar 2011 20:32 UTC in reply to "Because we can"
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This is an example of Microsoft style of innovation, where entire UI is messed up to solve some imaginary problems of imaginary customers. Who was complaining about these buttons? At least one? Really? It it the biggest customer's issue when using gnome?

Firstly when was this about Microsoft ... and have you used Windows 7, lots nicer to use than XP and VISTA ... however this is not what the article is about.

It not about customers complaining, it about usability studies and watching how people interact with the system ... for example "heat maps" are used frequently by for Websites ... e.g.

It about watching how people use the system and make it easier for them to users e.g. Microsoft obviously watched how people interacted with Windows and made the UI changes in 7 that are more than aestectics. It implemented some features (aero snap) that I didn't know that I wanted.

Whether for Gnome 3 they did this is another thing.

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