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FreeBSD "How long have you been using FreeBSD. Months? Years? Decades? And you love using it because of whatever reason but at the same time you're feeling a bit guilty to use it all for free without giving anything back? Well now you'll have the chance to change that. We at FreeBSD are always in need of new people who are willing to spare some of their time and effort into FreeBSD development."
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RE[3]: maybe its the license
by Liquidator on Tue 8th Mar 2011 09:46 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: maybe its the license"
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Personally, I need the desktop part of FreeBSD. I know there's PC-BSD, but let's consider only FreeBSD, which is the topic we're discussing. I just need Opera, which works properly, the Adobe Reader and Flash plugins, which both don't work seemlessly on FreeBSD. There's not much we can do about it. We have been working hard trying to find patches, hacks to make them work better, with little success. We have signed petitions, with no results from Adobe. The solution for me has been to move to Linux, sadly.

Other than that, in order to have a clean, working FreeBSD desktop, you need to spend heck of a time to install stuff using the terminal, edit files, etc... To configure your D.E. and other things that take seconds on Windows or Linux. The Gnome default theme is old too...There is no working equivalent to Synaptic or Yast for FreeBSD. Ports and packages very often return errors when installing or compiling, and you need to ask for help on the FreeBSD forum. Versions of apps are older than on Linux repos. Even less hardware is supported (terrible for hardware such as HDMI capture boards, newer printers, newer scanners, DVB boards...).Overall, it takes more time and effort to get what you expect from a modern desktop. I'm not saying it can't be done.

So in order to get back to FreeBSD, many things need to be improved, but it's sadly not always possible because it depends on third parties (software vendors and hardware manufacturers).

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