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Legal Ever visited the website of famed iOS and Playstation 3 hacker Geohot? Or watched his video on YouTube? Or read his Blogspot blog? Well, you're now part of a criminal investigation. A US judge has given Sony complete and unrestricted access to all IP addresses which ever visited his website and blog, or watched his YouTube video.
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RE: Sony are asshats
by polaris20 on Tue 8th Mar 2011 16:13 UTC in reply to "Sony are asshats"
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This just serves as another painful reminder that the internet is not anonymous like people love to think.

However this doesn't change the fact that Sony are asshats that I purposefully avoid doing business with.

Absolutely. I've loved Sony's digital cameras, still and video. Loved Vegas, Acid. I've got two 10 year old DVD players still chugging away, despite being subjected to peanut butter multiple times (don't ask).

However my wife's digital camera was the last Sony product I purchased, ever. They're tactics and practices are deplorable, and I won't be a customer anymore.

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