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Multimedia, AV The WebM project Blog has announced an update release of the VP8 Codec SDK codenamed the "Bali" release. The Bali release was focused on making the encoder faster while continuing to improve its video quality.
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Open is not separate from free. It's essentially dependent on freedom of usage. Open in terms of technology means that there is no monopoly, no one can pull a plug on it, and anyone can use it freely. Nothing of the above applies to H264. So it's not at all open.

really? open and free are no dependent on each other. it very much derives which aspect are you showing as open and which as free.

i can make open software under commercial only license where everyone can contribute as long as they relicense modifications to me.

i can also make software free of charge, but not open source it.

neither makes the definition of free OSS.

open and free are two completely separate confinements. same as free and free can be different. there are various representations of those terms and they are called licenses

btw... h264 is closed i agree

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