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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu "One of the benefits of the direction that's been taken with the next release of Ubuntu is that there is no longer a need for a separate netbook edition. The introduction of the new shell for Ubuntu means that we have a user interface that works equally well whatever the form factor of the PC. And the underlying technology works on a range of architectures including those common in netbook, notebooks, desktops or whatever you choose to run it on. Hence the need for a separate version for netbooks is removed"
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Ubuntu catches up to Kubuntu
by phoenix on Wed 9th Mar 2011 22:28 UTC
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With the release of Unity and the re-integration of the Netbook Remix, it would appear that Ubuntu has finally caught up to Kubuntu. At least in so far as the user experience is concerned, in that Kubuntu has had plasma-desktop, plasma-netbook, plasma-phone, etc for providing custom UIs for different form factors for a couple releases now.

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